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Jun 28, 2018

4 Different Types of Air Conditioners

Choosing the best air conditioning Hamilton for your home can be a real hassle. With the different types and brands in the market, the possibilities can look close to infinite. However, if you are armed with the knowledge about the different types of air conditioners, then it is possible to narrow down your choices to even less. We have put together four different types of air conditioner systems we think that you ought to know about.

4 Different Kinds of Air Conditioner Systems.

1. Portable Air Conditioner.

The portable air conditioner refers to a single stand-alone unit that can be wheeled inside a room and positioned anywhere you find fit on the floor. The Portable unit sucks in air from the room, cools it and then send it back to the room. The hot air is usually discharged by a hose vent via a window or exterior wall.

2, Window Air Conditioners.

Window air conditioners are usually self-contained units that are fitted in a hole in a room's exterior wall or a window. They typically cool a room by sucking cool air from outside into the room and forcing warm air inside out through the window.

3. Central Air Conditioners.

By large considered to be the most effective type of air conditioning, Central air conditioners are able to effectively cool many rooms at a go. This type of air conditioner usually consists of two units: the condensing unit located outside and the evaporative unit located inside. 

The condensing unit's job is to generate cool air that is passed into the evaporative unit, which in turn pushes it throughout your house via a series of refrigerant tubing or furnace ducts. When the air becomes warm if finds its way back to the evaporative unit that forces it out through the condensing unit.

4. Ductless Air Conditioners.

Also known as mini-split or split air conditioners, this type of air conditioning is common for apartments and homes without ductwork. They typically consist of an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor handling unit just like central air conditioners. These are usually connected by refrigerant tubing that passes through an exterior wall. The outdoor compression unit can sometimes be connected to as many as for handling units serving different rooms.