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May 11, 2018

Electricians in Christchurch New Zealand

Your home deserves the most cordial temperatures for survival, that is why Christchurch electricians are providing you with air con and heat pump installation services in Christchurch New Zealand. Installation of air conditioners and heat pumps requires experience in handling the various types of air conditioners and heat pumps available for use. Poor installation may result to leakage and malfunction of the entire systems which would consequently result in higher losses. 
Installation of heat pumps: christchurch electricians follow the following steps which are common to almost all the heat pumps which are available in the market.1) Condensor installation: this starts with clearing obstacles which are in the vicinity of 1feet from where the condenser is to be placed. The condenser must be placed outdoors. holes are drilled on the wall in order to pass cables connecting the condenser to the other heat pump devices which are indoors. 
2) Putting air handler mount: it should be placed at a distance of about 30-35 feet from the condenser. It should not be in contact with celling.3) Air handler mounting: This involves connecting the condensate hose, control wire, and refrigerant line.4) connecting the condenser to the air handler: involves putting the cables through the holes drilled on the wall, then connect the wires from the condenser with the air handler.   5) sheathing: This involves putting a plastic or tape coating on the outdoor cables so that they do not remain exposed.6) connect the vacuum pump and manifold to the refrigerant line, then put a cover on the air handler. 
installation of air conditioners:
Christchurch electrician installation of air conditioners involves the following steps.1) removal of AC and establishing the center of the window.2) Preparation of the window through the installation of weather strips which help block any air which may get in via tiny cracks.3) Attachment of all side panels.4) Insertion of the AC in the window.5) installation of L brackets 
Completion of the above steps will give you a function heat pump and air conditioner. Keep your house with the desired temperature with Christchurch electricians installation of air con and heat pump services.