Union of Fathers

Aug 13, 2017

Treat Dating Seriously


We might be new to online dating but http://asiandatingnz.co.nz can help us baby steps our way through. However, we must be careful because dating can lead us into many things. Especially with teenagers, making decisions can be hasty without giving it any thoughts.


Many teenagers tend to make decisions because they are happy at that moment or they might get carried away by their emotions. Teenagers should understand that dating is not only about having fun at the moment but they have to understand that marriage is suppose to help them prepare for marriage. This helps them not to treat dating like a joke because emotions are involved. It is wise that we are able to prepare ourselves ahead than just dive in into the moment and drown in misery.


It is too easy to feel at ease when we think we are making the right decision because we are happy at the moment, but this kind of decisions are often would make us feel regret at the end. We are happy that we are educated in this way because we might save ourselves some tears. Tears could not be brought back once it is shed. So we have to be wise that we would save those tears for the right person.