Union of Fathers

Aug 13, 2017

Being Overboard


When we want to make our body healthy, we have to invest on protein because it will be a big help for our body when it starts to build muscles. Making ourselves healthy is often mistaken to being overboard about making ourselves set a good physical look. Those are two different things. It is only normal during puberty to be conscious about how we look.


What we should be on guard is how we look ourselves because it might be contrary to what we really look like. Having a distorted view of ourselves might get us into trouble because it sends us a wrong signal and can lead us making wrong decisions and set wrong priorities. Being overboard with making ourselves look good is often affected with how people treat us.


Most people have bias treatment with people who are good looking than those who are a little bit off. This can count to how we view ourselves and it could be very degrading to most of us. This often sends discomfort to most people and make them lose their confidence. With this rising problem among teenagers, it is even more important to help our children get the right idea about themselves.